Nestled in the picturesque Ohio River Valley, Valley Vineyards has been delighting everyone from new wine drinkers to connoisseurs with premium, award-winning wines since 1970. Our belief is that great wine starts with passion. This passion begins with sourcing the highest quality fruit, and extends through to our talented winemakers who, with over 45 years of combined experience, use traditional, hands-on methods to produce wines with exceptional varietal character and value. We invite you to join us in our journey of wine enjoyment as we provide you with a tasting experience that is relaxing, fun, educational and delicious.

Wine flights available every day during normal business hours, stopping at 5pm on Saturdays for the weekend cookouts.

Victoria (*SALE* $38)

$50 - American Wine - 13.3% ABV - 0% RS
Cabernet Sauvignon-60% Merlot-20% Cabernet Franc-12% Petit Verdot-8%
Introducing Victoria, a wine as beautiful as its namesake: An exquisite Bordeaux-styled blend with an exceptional fruit concentration and silky, rich tannins. This elegant wine will captivate you with nuanced essences of black plum, cassis, dark chocolate, violet, and smoky vanilla.

Cabernet Sauvignon

$35 - American Wine - 15.1% ABV - 0% RS 
This dark, rich, full-bodied wine combines a velvety mouthfeel with undertones of black currant, black cherry, warm spice and light tobacco aromas.

Cabernet Franc

$32 - American Wine - 14.4% ABV - 0% RS 
This fruit-forward, medium-bodied wine displays bold aromas of dried fruit and smoky spices while the palate experiences ample plum, strawberry, cocoa and baking spices.


$32 - American Wine - 13.8% ABV - 0% RS 
Hints of smoky vanilla grace this full-bodied wine loaded with notes of ripe raspberries and plum touched by a hint of mocha.

Pinot Noir

$20 - American Wine - 12.5% ABV - 0% RS 
This medium-bodied elegant wine showcases aromas and nuances of red cherries, raspberries, earthiness and vanilla spices.

Hillside Red

$18 - Dry Red Wine - 12.5% ABV - 0% RS 
This smooth, medium-bodied red table wine is a proprietary blend of select grapes aged in oak for soft fruitiness with velvety tannins which pairs well with anything from appetizers to hearty meals.

Oaked Chardonnay

$20 - American Wine - 13.7% ABV - 0% RS 
Delight in this rich chardonnay with complex fruitiness, a light buttery quality and a beautiful oakiness.

Unoaked Chardonnay - DISCONTINUED

$18 - American Wine - 14.2% ABV - 0% RS 
Showcasing versatility, this chardonnay is light and fresh with a touch of citrus and a cool, crisp character.

Sauvignon Blanc

$18 - American Wine - 13.7% ABV - 0% RS 
This light-bodied wine is wonderfully refreshing with notes of stone fruits, kiwi and light minerality.


$18 - American Wine - 13.7% ABV - 0.75% RS 
This lovely rosé will delight your senses with its beautiful color, as well as delicate flavors and aromas of raspberries and strawberries.

Vidal Blanc

$15 - American Wine - 12.3% ABV - 0.6% RS 
This light, crisp, Germanic-style wine is loaded with fruitiness, a whisper of natural sweetness and the delicious aromas of pineapple and pears.


$16 - American Wine - 12.6% ABV - 1% RS 
This light-bodied wine displays a bright character complementing beautiful aromas and flavors of orchard fruits, honeycomb, and citrus blossom.

White Christmas (seasonal) (Out of Stock)

$16 - Semi-Sweet White Wine - 12.4% ABV - 3% RS 
A festive floral bouquet gives way to surprising notes of juicy ripe pears and grapefruit with a light honey finish in this medium-bodied beauty.

White Reflections

$15 - Semi-Sweet White Wine - 12.4% ABV - 2% RS 
A lovely floral bouquet gives way to surprising notes of juicy ripe pears and grapefruit with a light honey finish in this medium-bodied beauty.

Blush Fusion (previously Pink Reflections)

$15 - Semi-Sweet Pink Wine - 12.8% ABV - 2.5% RS 
This medium-bodied blush wine exhibits a complex set of aromas and flavors – citrus and apple, fresh butter, vanilla, and honeysuckle - culminating in a cool, crisp character.

Scarlet Fusion (Previously Red Reflections) (Out of Stock)

$15 - Semi-Sweet Red Wine - 12% ABV - 3% RS 
This medium-bodied, ruby-red wine bursts with the distinctive aromas of juicy cherries coupled with subtle flavors of dark berries, currants and light vanilla.


$16 - Grape wine with natural flavors - 7% ABV - 4.6% RS 
A proprietary blend of grapes and fruit creates a special treat with the sweet flavors of apple, citrus and warm spices.


$14 - American Wine - 10.9% ABV - 5% RS 
Superbly rich and fruity, this easy-to-drink jammy wine explodes with smooth, familiar flavor.

Niagara (Out of Stock)

$14 - American Wine - 12.1% ABV - 5% RS 
This fragrant, medium-bodied semi-sweet wine displays the heady scent of fresh jasmine blooms and the distinctive taste of just-picked grapes with a lingering finish.

Pink Catawba

$14 - American Wine - 12% ABV - 6% RS 
The historically significant catawba grape produces a uniquely aromatic sweet and tart wine with accents of juicy green apples balanced with a whisper of cotton candy sweetness.


$18 - American Sparkling Wine - 7.5% ABV - 5.5% RS 
This sweet, intensely aromatic champagne with bright, fruity acidity is the perfect accompaniment to a quiet evening or a significant celebration.

Chocolate Amour

$18 - Red Wine with Natural Chocolate Flavor - 11.5% ABV - 8% RS
This enchanting sweet red wine will seduce you with smooth richness, each sip pulling you deeper into its spell with notes of mouthwatering cherries and raspberries drizzled with a decadent chocolate finish.

Raspberry Wine

$22 - American Wine - 11% ABV - 9% RS 
This light, refreshing sweet raspberry wine is the next best thing to eating a juicy, fresh raspberry and is perfect for sipping on the patio, on a picnic or with light appetizers.

Blackberry Wine (Out of Stock)

$22 - American Wine - 11.5% ABV - 10% RS 
This medium-bodied, sweet blackberry wine tastes like fresh blackberry pie. It goes easily from summer to winter and pairs beautifully with savory meat dishes and chocolate.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Mead

$40 - Honey Wine - 13.2% ABV - 6.5% RS 
This special full-bodied honey wine merged beautifully with a touch of bourbon during the aging process. The result is a subtly rich, spectacular sipper.

Honey Mead

$22 - Honey Wine - 11.5% ABV - 14% RS 
This richly decadent wine will seduce you with a sensory experience encompassing raw honey, delicate clover and a silky crème brûlée finish.

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